You are never to old for a bit of Doof Doof

I love a wide range of music, but I do have a soft spot for a bit of  electronic bass. Yes I am 38 but i do like Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass, and Trip Hop.  You fellow oldies will probably not know what the heck I am talking about and you youngies will hopefully be impressed.   My brother shares this taste in music and we both now make the yearly pilgrimage to Future Music Festival.



We arrived at Flemington Race Course.  My brother had decided that his contribution to the day was to bake some brownies.  As he was putting them into our day pack I asked him if he thought these might get through?  We both had a giggle and decided to leave half in the car just in case they got confiscated.  We lined up with the other festival goers while announcements over the loud speakers were blaring to have tickets and licences ready to be inspected.  As everyone was waiting they were flapping their licences around and the backs of their licenses were facing me with the years they were all born in.  These numbers were in the 90’s with the occasional one in the late 80’s.  I sheepishly held my 1976 so no one could see and question my validity of being there.



I met up with my friend Sally and we had a bit of a dance to Carnage and then David and I went to check out some of the other talent.

In the evening I got to check out a group that just blew my mind.  Not only was the music amazing with the bass going off but the light show that went with it was out of this world, complete with a “haunted house” (album title) as the lighting back drop.



The final act for the night was Chase and Status who became a favourite of mine when I saw them last year at Future. I think I was drawn to them as they have a bit of a Manchester retro feel to their music which reminds me of my time in the UK.   So as soon as Knife Party was finished I pushed (politely of course) my way down to the front to join the die hard fans.  I even got asked by one of the “groupies” if I was an official photographer as I had my shmancy camera with me.  Well excuse me – Did I not look like I might be part of the fan club???? I brushed off the insult and boogied it up like an old fart to my favourite tunes.


And yes – the brownies made it though the gates.