Mirror mirror on the wall

I thought I would get a little crafty this year and explore my creativity outside of cakes.  My first project was to do a blackboard for my kitchen.  I was inspired when I was at my friend Keren’s house and she had painted one side of her kitchen wall with blackboard paint.  I would have really loved to have done this too but as I am renting I didn’t think it would go down well at my next house inspection.  So I needed to do something less permanent.

While being lost in wold of Pinterest I found a cool idea that involved getting a framed mirror and converting it to a blackboard.  I found the perfect mirror in Target.  Then I just needed to get some acrylic paint in my favourite colour and pick up the leftover blackboard paint from my Keren.

I had another purpose for this blackboard before it would be hung on my kitchen wall (all will be revealed next post).  Once the perfect quote was found and the blackboard was finished I took it over to Keren’s so she could write the first message on it. She has such beautiful handwriting and I knew she would be perfect for the job.


My “Before” shot


Painting it my favorite colour


It’s looking purdy


My “After” picture with it hanging on my kitchen wall



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