Laughter is the best medicine

My mum introduced me to a BBC series “Call the Midwife,” which is set in the 1950s in the East End of London around a group of midwives. We both fell in love with one of the midwives called Chummy or her formal title Nurse Camilla Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne.  She was only ever called that when she was in trouble and that was quite often. Chummy is played by English actor Miranda Hart.  Her character was a very tall and awkward midwife with low self confidence who had the biggest heart.  You felt sorry for her but at the same time you just wanted to sit down with her and spend the afternoon chatting over tea and scones.

Mum and I then got addicted to the Comedy series “Miranda”.  She still plays a tall, physically and socially awkward character.  Several times in each episode she just does something or says something that if that was you, you would just die of embarrassment and want a big hole in the ground to swallow you up.  But is it wrong that I am belly laughing at the same time?

When I saw that Miranda Hart was coming to Melbourne to do a stand up comedy show titled “Work in Progress” I booked 2 tickets.  I decided that the other one was going to be for my Mum for Christmas.  From memory I think I had booked the tickets in October and then had to wait, and bite my tongue until Christmas. Mums face when she saw the tickets was priceless.


Finally February 10th arrived.  I had had a really bad week and an even worse day that day and even thought about not going as I wouldn’t be very good company.  Thank goodness I decided to put my troubles aside and we went on our merry way to the Athenaeum Theatre.  What a show. I think I was laughing the whole time.  Even in the interval we were laughing again at what we were laughing about in the show.  You could tell she had a very basic outline of how the show would go but she involved the audience and would go off in a tangent in relation to what audience members had said.  I think that takes quite a bit of talent.




I left the theatre with a smile on my face and happy hormones running though my body. The moral of the night was to just be true to ourselves,  embrace and even own our awkwardness and to just laugh at all those embarrassing moments and remember that we are never going to be perfect as we are a “Work in Progress”.








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