We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo Zoo …..

For over 10 years now I have wanted to go to the Zoo Twilights.  I even got as close as being in the Zoo for the last 1/2 hour of one of the concerts, but I was in the area with some friends who wanted to make the most out of free entry and I was dragged along to see some of the fury and not so fury residents instead.IMG_8277

So the Zoo Twilights made it on my inaugural list and I was ecstatic to learn that Katie Noonan was going to be performing this year.  I messaged one of my music loving friends Sal to see if she would like to come with me only to find out she had been listening Katie’s music that very week.  We also invited one of our British buds Jane to share the moment with us.IMG_8278

On the most perfect sunny Friday afternoon we pranced into the Zoo (well the others did – I kind of hobbled due to my Christmas Eve ankle injury) (well the others didn’t really either as they were carrying enough food to feed us, the rest of the picnickers and all of the animals) (Ok we were prancing is spirit).  We found our perfect spot and set up our picnic that was fit for Royalty (well, we did have a representative from England with us).IMG_8281

On the menu for this delightful evening was a rather large selection of dips, cheeses, crackers, antipasto and for dessert a chocolate flourless cake with raspberries and fresh cream.IMG_8280

I have been to a Katie Noonan performance before so I knew I was infor a real treat.  She was performing with 3 other cool Aussie chicks; Abbey Dobson (love her song ‘even when i’m sleeping’), Angie Hart (from Frente – you know the song ‘Accidentally Kelly Street’ and ‘Ordinary Angles’) and Martha Marlow (who I had never heard of before but will be hunting down some of her music).  The event was titled “Songs that made me”, where the girls did their own renditions of songs that had meant something to them in the past.  My favorite was their interpretation of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Confide in me’.  They finished off the night with each of them singing one of their own songs.

It was such an amazing night to sit back with great company, munch on some yummy food, listen to some  soothing tunes and watch the glorious sunset.  The Lions in the enclosure nearby even had a grumble every now and then to add to the atmosphere. To end the evening Jane was rather excited to see a colony of bats (yes I had to look that up), flying across the night sky.IMG_8279

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