Lisa Lou’s List To Do

Happy 2014 to you all. I hope you are all excited about this year and ready to take on whatever this year decides to throw at us.

Every year, right around this time, I am usually feeling a little down as by now I have already failed multiple times over those unattainable New Years Resolutions that I set the previous year.

Emma and LisaLast year Emma who can best be described as “Little Miss Sunshine”, joined our team at work.  She had created a “List” of things that she wanted to achieve during that year and blogged about the whole process. Some of these things were fun random things such as hitting a Pinata, or popping a champagne cork through to challenges like running a half marathon or building something from Ikea.

Late last year when driving to Venus Bay for my much needed holiday, the idea came into my head that maybe I should do up a “List” of my own. Not of unattainable New Years Resolutions that get dumped before the end of January but a list that would comprise of attainable challenges, fun and random things and all those “To Do’s” that I have been saying for years that I should do but never do. I thought it would also be a fun thing to blog about it as well and if no one ever reads it, it would still be great to look over it at the end of the year and reflect on all the “To Do’s” that I did that year. Maybe it might even inspire you to make a list of your own?

So I have made my list.  Every time I have mentioned wistfully  “I would love to do that” my friends response has been to shout at me “Put it on the list”, and put it on the list I did.

Feel free to have a look over my list. There might even be some things that you might like to do with me. Let me know :-).

1. Donate blood
2. Host a dinner party
3. Host a cocktail party
4. Go camping
5. Cook fish
6. Host a high tea
7. Go to a farmers market and buy produce to make something
8. Develop Knife skills
9. Do a cooking class
10. 5km run
11. 10km run
12. Go to a jazz night
13. Go to Zoo Twilights
14. Go to a comedy show
15. Make bread
16. Do another cake class at Cakes by Karen
17. Do a dancing class
18. Make canvas prints for house
19. Design and sew some cushions for my couches
20. Make a herb garden
21. Make a blackboard for the kitchen
22. Buy Balderdash and have a games night
23. Paint pantry doors
24. Do old-fashioned photo wall
25. Do fridge decoration
26. Do the 1000 steps
27. Make pasta from scratch
28. Write some encouragement cards
29. See an old movie at the Astor
30. Indian night – have Indian and see a Bollywood film
31. See a Musical
32. Make macarons from my Pierre Hermé macaron book
33. See fairy penguins parade
34. Make a croquembouche
35. Go to an art gallery
36. Go to a cafe read, the paper and have breakfast and coffee by myself
37. 80’s night club with Jane
38. Go on a cruise with Karen
39. This one will be revealed when I complete it
40. Host a Eurovision party.
41. Make a quilt
42. Go to the ballet
43. Go to the Brown Brothers Festival
44. Cook a complex MasterChef dish
45. Go to Burch and Purchese
46. Cook 1 recipe from each of Donna Hay magazines
47. Go to an AFL game
48. Go for a bike ride
49. Go to Red Hill Market
50. Go to Josie Bones
51. Host a brunch
52. Make a complex layer cake
53. Go on a long hike somewhere
54. Go to an orchestral performance
55. Paint kitchen trolley
56. Go through my camera for dummies book
57. Start gratitude book
58. Go to a film festival
59. Set up a Pinterest and Instagram page for my business Fleur De Lis Edible Creations
60. Go to a drive in
61. Put some more plants out on my balcony
62. Host a Sunday roast
63. Cook with an ingredient I haven’t used before
64. Go to a play
65. Go to a subtitled movie
66. Do a Dessert Table
67. Go to Future Music Festival
68. Make some goodies with Karen in the Cakes by Karen kitchen for an Australia Day BBQ

16 thoughts on “Lisa Lou’s List To Do

  1. I would go to the footy with you and had I known you could of come to Grease with Ashleigh and i. I would definitely come to your High Tea

    • Sounds great. Looks like I might be going to a few footy games this year. It might even help me to finally pick a team :-). Grease would have been fun. I will let you know when the high tea is.

  2. Emma has also inspired in me to make my on list, i have decided to only do 40 things I would like to do before my birthday. My hubby tried to help so some things couldn’t be but on there. Good luck to us list makers that we are able to cross them all off. 🙂

  3. Good on you for finishing your list Lis!! Count me in for as many of those as you want!! Starting with Zoo Twilight! I’ll be your date for jazz night too! & am a regular blood doner so I’ll come with you if you want when you get started 🙂

    • Thanks Sal. I am really looking forward to this year. Can’t wait for Zoo Twilights. Do you have any recommendations for where to go for a Jazz night? Will keep you posted about all the other stuff too. Can’t wait to see you on the 31st 🙂

  4. I’m already inspired, certainly by your lists, but I get to work with you women and you are inspiring. If I can help you achieve let me know. Have fun.

    • Thanks Mel. I love the team we work with as well and it is full of inspirational people including yourself. You should think about doing your list. Even if it is only 10 or 20 things. Will give you the deets on anything I need help on 🙂

  5. Looks amazing Lisa! I’m soooo super jealous, what a great idea! Let me know if you need company for any of your cocktail/dinner parties (as they are always amazing!).
    We could do an extended weekend away at wilson prom, for some overnight hiking/camping?
    I’m always up for a fun run (just let me know when and where!) and same with the 1000 steps.
    Ohh, and I love board games…. I’ll play Balderdash with you!
    Brown Bros is already locked in baby – can’t wait!
    LOVE YOU LISA, you are awesome to do this!! 🙂 Can’t wait to read about all your achievements this year!

    • Thanks Michelle. I LOVE YOU TOO :-). Wilson’s Prom sounds awesome. I have never been there. Have you played Balderdash before? It is a hoot. Can’t wait for Brown Brothers :-). I will have to wait until the ankle gets better before doing the 1000 steps etc. I am starting aqua until I can do the other stuff. Might need your help on the Camera thing too 🙂

  6. lisa this is awesome. go you.

    let me see, count me in for the runs, 1000 steps(i have wanted to do those for a while now), blood donation, any of the cooking events and nights out. whoops, i think this is pretty much everything there 🙂

    but one thing, the eurovision party so has to include me, LOVE EUROVISION!!


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